Bordeaux Metabolome Facility

Bordeaux Metabolome Facility provides equipments and expertise for the study of metabolome, lipidome and metabolic fluxes. The facility is mostly dedicated to the study of plant or plant-derived products.


Bordeaux Metabolome Facility, supported by three Institutes (INRAE, CNRS and Bordeaux University), gathers equipments and expertise for the study of metabolism and make them available to the scientific community.

The Facility performs adaptations and technological developments and designs and implements analytical strategies and bioinformatics tools for metabolomics, metabolic phenotyping, lipidomics and fluxomics.

The Facility supports studies of plant functional genomics, genetics, pathology, ecophysiology and systems biology for regional, national and international research programs. It is also used for the study of plant-derived products and for pharmacological approaches.

Most studied topics include:

  • acquisition and interpretation of metabolomic profiles,
  • biochemical phenotyping,
  • studies of the dynamics of metabolism,
  • functional analysis of lipid metabolism.


  • 2 NMR spectrometer (500 and 600 MHz)
  • 5 LCMS system (including HRMS)
  • 2 GC-MS systems
  • 2 GC-FID systems
  • An UHPLC-DAD system
  • Robotized systems for high-throughput phenotyping with microplates

more details on our equipment here